Thursday, August 31, 2017

farmgirl progress

or not........two months in a row I have not 
worked on my farm...........

bad girl........
but I think I will have to put her
on the back burner till after the holidays

so much to do......

this is where I am now. I have 20 blocks
and I think a sheep and house cut out
so who knows

my cousin saw it on facebook and 
always comments that she cant
wait to see it done
I want to journal it with the stories
for my nieces
my cousin goes you need to make 5 of them
one for each niece LOL

some day if I need another diversion
the following are the reasons I
didnt make any blocks

a stocking challenge...........

pumpkins! lots of PUMPKINS LOL

some sunflowers.........
just because........

and a wedding of flowers to do.

so I guess I DID get things accomplished
just not what was on the 
TO DO list.

hoping I can stay on task the next few months
and get more things finished

4 comments: said...

Wait I have one more day this month....perhaps I can finish a farm girl block. :D Um I think you have been a wee bit busy.

Julierose said...

Gosh you have been so busy, it's no wonder...
FG looks lovely...I like the mix of blocks and colors a lot.
i am still stagnating on my Orange Slabfest excuse just cannot seem to make them play nice together...
take it easy for a bit...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

yours looks great, it will still be there after Christmas

Jeanna said...

You may not have worked on FGV blocks but you have accomplished so much!