Sunday, August 6, 2017

pumpkin chunkin

did anyone ever watch that old show pumpkin chunkin?
they used machinery to chuck pumpkins the farthest
my hubs used to love to watch that......

Did anyone try those easy peasy pumpkin muffins?
just a cake mix and some canned pumpkin
no eggs or oil or anything else
they are good and good for you
with the added fiber and vitamin A from the pumpkin
(try choc cake mix and pumpkin- I'm telling ya! YUM)
these above are spice cake mix and pumpkin
and I was even nice and shared some with Jacky
(ok so I had a weak moment there hee hee)

or JulieRoses pumpkin cake.
oh my........
good stuff!

these are my slabs so far.....
I think I may use the yard of the gray material
I bought from Jenny for .88

yeah did YOU get in on that daily deal?
I JUMPED and of course bought
a Christmas fat quarter bundle too
just because it was there

and got the email that the white horses 
and the queen herself is personally delivering it to me

so these slabs are stalled a little for me.........

by now you have figured out we are making pumpkins

pumpkins of ALL sizes
and we can make
mug rugs  ~ I may have to make some more just because

we can make potholders
we can make table runners for the Fall
we can make table toppers
we can make placemats
we can use one pumpkin  block and make a Fall totebag
or a smaller pumpkin and make a zippy bag
or a Halloween  wall hanging
or a small pumpkin quilt

I think you get the idea..........
slab away and have fun
make as many orange slabs as you can in between other
they work up so so fast
in a one hour session once I had all my scraps out
and my beginning pieces I made
those four pumpkin size pieces that I will make into 
a Fall runner for my table

4 lil pumpkins all in a row
you could make a pumpkin each end and fill 
the center with squares like we did for the turkey runners

OR you could make some Fall Maple leaf blocks for the center
use your imagination and make the project YOURS

have anyone with Fall birthdays?
how perfect to make some potholders and table topper set!
that YOU designed YOURSELF

Here is another recipe for you.........

1 can pumpkin
1 pkg 3.4 oz vanilla flavor instant pudding
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 8oz tub cool whip  thawed

mix pumpkin, dry pudding mix and spice in a bowl. 
whisk till blended  you want the spices to be
uniform throughout

stir in cool whip.
refrigerate to marinate the flavors

great on fruit as a dip
or graham crackers

you are welcome!


Julierose said...

Lovely little pumpkins you've got going there...hugs, julierose said...

Lovely pre pumpkin slabs going on there.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

I love orange so these slabs are a favorite. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

barbara woods said...

sounds very good

Jeanna said...

Nice beginnings of some slab pumpkins. Thanks for the recipe!