Saturday, August 12, 2017

pumpkin memories

In honor of my Moms birthday today I am giving out her "recipe" that we loved as children

It wasnt really a recipe at all.
she took her pumpkin pie  recipe and instead of making it into a normal size pie

she did this

she put the dough into muffin tins
and made individual pies that us kids could hold in our hands

Do you know what it was like to bring one of these babies to school in your lunchbox?

HEAVEN I tell could bribe a teacher for all As, tell the bullies to take a hike

yeah they are THAT good
and of course

My Mom being the smart cookie she was, knew that with 5 hungry kids and a hubby

a pie would not last very long once it was out of the oven........

but with these...........she would make a dozen

and they would last a little longer...........

yeah, I come from good stock! My Mom was a genious!   just sayin...........

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  and brother CHUCK  and first niece ALICIA!

Yep  ALL THREE born on the same day.......3 generations!  how cool is that?

how are your pumpkins coming along? are you slabbing with us? eating your way through the pumpkin patch?  no worries.......even if you just came for the recipes we are happy you are here

hoping to be playing with these soon
not sure if I want a cream background
or gray

but I see them as 4 pumpkins all  in a row
on a cute table runner

gotta measure out that Fall fabric and see
how I can make the border fit

don't cha hate when you have to do Math???
but my Math teachers would be proud
all those long homework sessions
of Algebra and trigonometry 
and calculus
should have been useful for 

now if I can just remember some of it ha ha
I think I need another pumpkin pie tart! hee hee


Julierose said...

Oh great lil pies--my Grand-mere made little cinnmon rolls for us with leftover pie dough--(I liked them almost better than her glorious pies!!;}}}) I love the idea of those orange babies on a cream--I coffee dyed my white on white to a cream and the pattern comes out just a teensey bit darker--lovely tone on tone--leftover coffee in your cup--cream and for me!! Hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

Need to make my third pumpkin today. said...

Wow that is a great idea. I wonder how long she cooked them. Great looking slabs for pumpkins.

Jeanna said...

Your Mom was very smart. Those small pumpkin tarts are a great idea.