Thursday, August 24, 2017

rearranging and organizing

yeah after all my slabbing and sewing
I had to take a little break and straighten up
it is funny when you do that how many things
you find that you forgot about

Or is it just me??

I found this pair of Christmas socks
last year I wanted to do a sock swap
you buy Christmas socks to wear
and put one inside the other to make 
one sock
then you fill it like you would a stocking
you would hang
and then you exchange them
you then have a cute gift plus some cute
socks to wear
how fun is that?

anyone interested in doing a swap like that?
now is the time to think about it
because stuffer items can be found everywhere
from using your extra bucks at the drug store
on an item to ah hem
quilting items you got for free or little money
because you are a big spender.....LOL

anywho found this.  may need to take it up again 
in Jan once the nutty chaos is over

and this top is together like this
but I need backing and batting
and to get er done
the baby boy is due in October 
so the clock is a ticking......

anyone want to do a sock exchange? 
let me know and if enough 
interest it will be a fun little event

3 comments: said...

Good job cleaning up. I cannot commit to anything right now. My life is too unsure right now unfortunately.

barbara woods said...

to much on my plate with making that quilt . got to start it soon

Jeanna said...

You found a couple of nice projects during your clean-up. The baby quilt top is very nice.