Wednesday, August 9, 2017

see my pumpkin big and round

I had one of those marathon sewing sessions
I just wanted to slab away
and slab away I did
I was a chain sewing maniac
(no not chain saw.......hee hee)

so much that this is all that is left in my orange

so now I need to do something with those slab pieces
so I picked one
and squared it up to about 5 inches square

 found a long strip of white that I can use

cut out 4  2inch squares to make the corners of the

sewed them on and then sewed the quarter
inch away

but they are so durned cute those
little HST LOL

see? I told ya!

and I got FOUR of them to play with later

I then took a piece of brown
and the strips of white
and made a stem
but my stem was weird

hey pumpkins dont all have perfect stems you know!
I also see I turned the pumpkin the other way with 
the strips going sideways
see what happens when you dont pay attention?

ok can I distract from  the imperfections with a funny face?

but you COULD make this into a Halloween pumpkin
see my crooked crazy stem?
yeah......needs some leaves
so I just grabbed green and cut
freehand shapes

lookin a little better
I will like it better when it is quilted up I think

because of the size
I am making this one into another mugrug
so I grabbed Fall colored squares I had
hanging around
and added them to the side

now for another day I will find a back and
batting piece and quilt it up and bind

see how easy it is to make something out of your slabs?
my larger ones will make a nice runner I am thinking

I am envisioning the 'fancy ones that started with pinwheels etc"
to become a 4 pumpkin runner

then some of these pumpkins above I am thinking
would make a nice set of 4 placemats
and maybe matching potholders

we will see
I have quite a few Fall birthdays coming up
and these would be great for Fall decorating

how are your orange slabs coming along?

there were a few more sewing minutes
and full bobbins so this is what I did..

just loving that moldy straw stem! LOL

a cute lil pumpkin 
I will make some more and make a runner
out of 2? 4?  we will see
so far I am liking it
I used a 2 inch strip of the background fabric
cut 4  2inch squares for corners
and then used the rest for the borders putting 
the sides on first
then cutting the bottom
and then cutting the other piece in half to add the stem
and then eyeballing it to "center it"
yep  real precise sewing going on here ha ha

I love this sign in my living room
reminding me to cherish the simple things

for the simple things in life are what
life is all about isnt it?


Julierose said...

Really cute pumpkins! They would make some nice table toppers/mug rugs/even a small lap quilt...hugs, Julierose said...

Great pumpkins. I love the stems.