Friday, August 18, 2017

the Christmas box so far

lets take a look and see where I am at
this cute dog coat for nieces dog
a steal at 2.50  some treats and 
Brody is done!

this cute kitchen towel for brother in ME
his hunting cabin will certainly be spruced up a bit
with the addition of some deer potholders 
and maybe some microwave bowls
I would like to knit a deer dishcloth too
just for fun

these little tuck in gifts of mugrugs
I like to have a stack on hand
you never know when one will 
be needed and appreciated
hubs likes them too!

another kitchen towel in lime green
for a modern Christmas look
or Grinch theme
we will see where it leads

a purple dishcloth

some coasters
if I could only work with wood
I would love to make a wooden holder
for them
to stack on the end table
how fun

some zip bags
these can be cute little neighbor gifts 
filled with goodies
or scratch tickets
or nail polish and emery boards or
what ever else you can think of

a pretty sunflower table topper
not sure yet if for me or not
may have to make some more of these

more zippy bags

another little topper or mugrug
cute in the blues

not a bad start........

trouble is this is most of the SMALL stuff
NOW I need to get onto the BIG stuff

this needs to be put together
still contemplating whether to put white around
each square or not
I think I have a jelly roll and that may make it
big enough and showcase the purples
and pinks
hoping to finish for granddaughter for Christmas

need to finish slabbing and make a border out of this one
for my daughter

yeah no pressure right?

think I need to quit my day job.LOL

and this needs to be worked on as well.
I just may have to stall this till after the holidays........

I DID make a lot of progress though on it
I need to buy a journal and document the stories that go with the blocks
for a family heirloom quilt
that would be cool........

do YOU  make things for Christmas gifts?
I am lucky our family appreciates handmade gifts

my brother is hopefully working on my 
squirrel feeder
he said he was anyway.......

**wink wink**


Julierose said...

I have two "I Spy" quilts for Willa and Fiona for Christmas so far. And two Autumn birthday quilts--one for my DIL and one for my daughter all made up and ready to gift...I need to make some mug rugs as everyone loves have a lot done!! hugs, Julierose

sewyouquilt2 said...

yes for some reason a mugrug for each month was in my head. I know crazy right? I have a snowflake one for Jan, pink and red for Fe, green for Mar and a football and Fall one for like Sept and a Christmas one so I dont need many of the months LOL said...

You have come a long way since your last Christmas box a couple of months ago....if I remember right it was bare.

Jeanna said...

That is a nice collection of gifts. Christmas will be here before we know it.