Saturday, August 5, 2017

the fifth day of Christmas

mmmmm NOPE
wrong holiday
wrong song..........

the fifth day of slabbing
( have you drank a fifth trying
to slab? LOL  dont do that either
you wont be able to sew a straight line! hee hee)

just look at some of this inspiration

how cute are these pumpkins

placemats for the Fall
and start with a tiny leaf block
then slab around it
so so adorable!
dont you want your table to look purty?
if you slabbed a little each day
you should have enough 
to make four pumpkins
and then add sides
and even pockets like these if you wanted

and make a pretty table for you
or for a gift........

these started with the leaf block in 
about a 3-4 inch size
(Jacky did some the showoff! ha ha they sure are
pretty......I may have to steal I mean
borrow them to photograph for you........)

I started with those little pieces too.....
(it was a cheater way to start bigger
AND to up the cute factor........just sayin....)

or  you can make just a pumpkin quilt
using up all your oranges
how adorably cute for the Fall?  
wall hanging
table topper

I can also see this as a Halloween
quilt  too with black faces attached on
and maybe a candy corn background 

so many possibilities
for pumpkins

.........and dont forget to show us
what you made with your slabbing fun!

I m watching.......if  you need a little help
with the "non pattern ideas" let us know
we will try and help you out
with measurements

4 comments: said...

Cute placemats, but also love the wall hanging.

Julierose said...

Just adorable pumpkin cuties! Makes me want some pumpkin pie,,,,my favorite for the holidays...altho, apple is yummy too. (Why are my pieces so food-based hahaha) hugs, Julierose

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Love the pumpkins! Wish I had some pumpkin coffee!

barbara woods said...

great placemats