Tuesday, September 12, 2017

a little progress is happening

more of these little slabs have been made
now to decide on a size border
cut the blocks to that size
and see where I am at

in the meantime
these lighthouses 
have my husbands name all over them

a different shade of blues
and a faded kind of red

have to figure a way to make a quilt
using this panel

maybe take the 3 apart
and staggering them
with boats pattern
or a scene for each row? 
not sure how tall they are. will have to measure and see

or maybe a border that looks like
sailors knots
or something

this will stew in the back of my brain
while I work on other projects

have a list and need to stick to it

1) purple pink quilt
2) pillowcases
3) back and quilt pumpkin runner
4) deer quilt
5) beachy panel

these will be on the roster for Sept 
and hopefully I can get a lot of them crossed off 
the list


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

I make lists. Then promptly lose them. Like the light houses. They are almost patriotic colors.

Lady Jane said...

I make lists also. I don't lose them like the other blogger, I have trouble keeping to them, lol. Love all the fabrics. Hugs, LJ