Wednesday, September 20, 2017

and more down the next row of the show........

this was an interesting veggie quilt

and the colors on this were so vibrant

they drew you in to see the gorgeous quilting

and look who was hiding in the leaves.
my brother would LOVE this one!

this is another peek at what we got at the show
yeah I know
I am not a flames kinda gal
but my boss is...........she is a 60 year old Harley Mama
and I am thinking a cute little project like a zip bag outta
this will be cute for her for Christmas
and if I play my cards right maybe I can eek out
TWO matching things if I pair it with the right kinda

we will see..........

look at this.........this is the bag all sorted or I should say
I took all the larger pieces and put them in with my colors
and then the lights all went into a bin of their own 
good thing I had extra bins

above is the strips and parts dept
that is a top of a paper box
and it is heaped about 6 inches high
see why I am having some fun?
strips and cut pieces and on the bottom some
presewn things too for fun

this is FULL of light prints and solids
and pieces

everyone KNOWS you cant get in new (to me) fabric
and not play!
and to think all this was under ten dollars..........
maybe less  


Julierose said...

Great deals...nice haul...hugs, Julierose said...

I agree with Julierose nice fabric acquisitions.

Jeanna said...

More lovely quilts. The veggie quilt is certainly...different. That is a lot of fabric for $10!

barbara woods said...

great deal