Tuesday, September 26, 2017

another gift almost done

anyone knit or crochet?
see this ball?
is BiG  and I mean bigger than my thumb thick

but soft

one of my nieces wanted one of those textured 
blankets that go for 300 bucks

but I found this yarn at Michaels
and decided to try it

size 50 needles   (width of 2 of my fingers together)
makes big chunky stitches

I have four skeins in this so far
I bought 8 total
and I think it should finish around 50x60
which is a pretty good size

I want to finish it and let her sister see it
to see what she thinks.........
but then again


I may be in trouble if I do that ha ha

Jenny must be talking to Michaels
because they sent me an email
25% OFF
so I went looking for this yarn online
it was cheaper than I paid
PLUS I got the discount

long story short,,,,,,,,
enough yarn for three more are coming my way
and they will be $45 a piece
not too bad considering the first one
was almost 80!

now if those darned needles would arrive I could 
put the pedal to the metal and get these done!
are you making any non-quilted gifts?


Charlene S said...

You might be in very big trouble...I know I would be!

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Fun, looks big and heavy and hot at least for our current weather, to be working on.

Julierose said...

Yes, I am knitting yet another shawl, and waiting to get yarn for a "slouchy" beret hat for Winter walking...
those blankets should be so cozy...hugs, Julierose

Jeanna said...

I've never worked with that yarn but it looks comfy. I love knitting but my current projects are for ME :)