Saturday, September 9, 2017

another wedding today

today I have a wedding 
my cousin who is a few years younger than me
never been married before
we are so happy for him

hows this for a wedding invitation?
no gifts needed
casual attire
pig roast
just your presence is requested

it should be a fun day!
hubs is not up to going so my
niece will be my "date" LOL
hoping we can get some serious dancing
and fun in before it is over

been trying to find small projects 
to finish up
how cute would it be to put
some Christmas gifts in some
homemade bags?
yeah and I just so happened to find these cute
panels in my stash

I KNOW right? 
so just need to match up some fabs
for backs and lining and straps
and get er done

I am thinking once I pull the fabs
and cut the parts
it will be a matter of one day to quilt them all
another to make straps and pockets and such
and another to finish them

at least that is the plan LOL
we ALL know how THAT goes right? hee hee

these pillowcases are on the front burner too
Jackie is making  3 and I am making 7
we will send our ten in to Missouri

it seems like such a small contribution
what are YOU making today?


Julierose said...

Enjoy your partay..sounds like serious fun....hugs, Julierose said...

Your panels could be a gift bag to wrap a quilt for a Christmas gift.....

barbara woods said...

that one on top is beautiful, looks christmissy