Wednesday, September 13, 2017

eight is enough

how many of you an remember the show
eight is enough?
come know  you do
I am not the only one right?

anywho, this morning eight was enough
I cut out the white strips for 8 blocks
and sewed them up
then laid them out to see what I had

I think I only have 5 more blocks to sew
which I am hoping to get to tomorrow

then I will pick and choose
the blocks for the quilt
and see what I have left
not sure if I will like it with the
rose reds in a seperate quilt
or not
because sometimes you need contrast

but once they are all sewn I will see

right now I have 34 blocks sewn
I didnt think I had that many. 
I guess I made close to 40 total

4 comments: said...

Looks lovely. I love the pinks and purples.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I remember that show! These blocks are going to make a great quilt!

barbara woods said...

beautiful quilt for her

Jeanna said...

Nice colors in this one. It's going to be a great quilt.