Saturday, September 9, 2017

funny how quilts talk

its funny how quilts talk to you

this was my original idea with purples and pinks all 
mixed together
I have 30 blocks made

fast forward a few months
found a white jelly roll I forgot I had
why did I buy it?

heck  if I know
I have that disease CRS
you know the one about 
not remembering LOL

anywho, this quilt wanted to be surrounded 
in white

new dilemna
which blocks to use?
and what to do with the extras?

I am thinking that the ones that have
a brighter pink or red may go into quilt
number two

I was thinking how fun to put
them on point 
to make a bigger quilt with 
fewer blocks
and maybe surround them with 
some purple stash

we will see..........
gotta go turn the hearing aid up
I think I hear another quilt

2 comments: said...

Your quilt is turning out lovely. Glad it is speaking to you. I have quilts that I put up cause I can't figure out a border treatment. I am starting to figure some out finally.

Julierose said...

"Hello, hello, is Dawn coming to finish me..." lol hugs, Julierose