Sunday, September 3, 2017

how do you entertain a bored cat on a long weekend?

this guy is a trip
he RUNS to my sewing room 
if he thinks I am going in there
and then this happens
he crawls up in my bag of batting pieces to sleep 
while I sew

If I have to go to the computer to look up a pattern
this is my view
the backside of him with his legs on the basket
holding on LOL

or if it takes me too long........
this is the view
he falls asleep in the weirdest positions

or he will get in my face for some
Dunkin hugs
can you tell I just woke up? 
sorry to scare you so early in the morning......LOL

then Phoebe grabs his spot
and that is NOT good

he pouts and then takes the batting pieces all out of the bag
and makes a bed
and he falls asleep  a dead weight sleep
many a day I have to carry him out of the sewing
room and he doesnt even wake up
just like little kids on the car ride home LOL

and then he gives me "the look"
Mom I am SO BORED...........
and waiting for YOU to play..........

got up this morning not to one toy near the bed
but TWO
he thinks if he brings in toys I will wake up and play
too funny
I worry that Rich wont see them and will trip over them

I put them in a deep basket and he fishes them back out
the booger

how do you entertain YOUR cats?


Donna said...

Your cats are adorable!!!! My Maggie loves to be in the sewing room with me but she stays in her bed! She also will carry her shoestring into the bedroom in the middle of the night! She has a pitiful meow when carrying it! We make sure the shoestring it put away every night so we won't be waken up! said...

Right now I am dealing with Lucy and her hostile takeover of my plastic clamshell, which she kicked off the table the other day as well as everything else.