Sunday, September 24, 2017

look at all my goodies

a Charlotte Warr still my heart......
shows how to make quilts out of pictures
I want to try that so much..........

and THIS was in one of my bags.......
isnt it beautiful?
I will definitely have to make that the center block
of a quilt
and I KNOW I have purples and turquoises
for fabrics..........

and some presewn blocks
again in my colors
how lucky am I?

the pile of pieces that were fat quarter or larger was 
over a foot high!
and this bag is STILL FULL of strips and shapes
I kid you not for a DOLLAR

look at all this fun

I LOVE this so fun and cute
I am over the moon happy..........
will take me some time to go through 
the two bags for sure

did YOU have any fun?
I have been on vacation all week so decided
to show you the quilt show so that
I could empty out those bags and play 
hee hee
sneaky eh?
 If I could have I would have bought a bag for EACH of you..........
If I could part with them........


Julierose said...

Fantastic haul you got there...loving that cute reindeer fabric--and a pre-made center for a medallion quilt, too. Enjoy--hugs, Julierose said...

Cute reindeer fabric and how fun to get so many books.

Charlene S said...

Wow! That is indeed a great way to spend a dollar!

Jeanna said...

More wonderful fabric to play with. You should have a lot of slabbing fun :)