Wednesday, September 6, 2017

odds and ends

I pulled scraps in Aug and made this
just because I could
it was a great diversion 
from a task I was working on
and wasnt feeling like doing

I gifted it to my daughter
for her table

also found this in my books
trying to get organized an place books in one spot
etc so found this again.
remember I played and did some blocks out of it?

yeah you do........let me jog your memory.......

remember this? I took little scraps I had
lying on my cutting table
and made this (it is in my parts bin for now)

and then this

they are different sizes so that would pose
a small problem if making a bright quilt

so took this one
and quilted it simply

and made a velcroed pouch
gave it to my boss for his granddaughter
and stuffed it with kleenex holder and
pencils and chapstick keychain
she loved it
she is 5

here is the inside with that crazy batik fabric
dont cha just love it when fabric and blocks
speak to you and tell you what they want to be?


made a little more progress on the slabs for this quilt

and 5 more blocks surrounded in white 
for this quilt

with all this fabric flying
and scissors and rotary cutters
chopping away this guy stepped out of the way


do you blame him????

soon will have to prepare for hurricane Irma as it may come up this way
she is really cutting into my holiday sewing........


Julierose said...

Nice finds...hopefully that Irma won't be coming here! We'd have to cancel our plans....;(((( hugs, Julierose said...

Wow you are working right along there.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lot's of scrappy goodness. Love the pink/purple quilt! Please, keep Irma out of our way - we won't rebuild if hit again.

barbara woods said...

praying Irma stays out at sea