Monday, September 4, 2017

oldies but goodies

what do you do with old fabrics?
yeah like these
dont get me wrong I like them still
so they were cut into 3 1/2 inch squares
why this size you ask/?
because my friend Sharon at
gifted me a year or so back with some
and I wanted to make an easy lap quilt
that I can just tie the old fashioned way

see? aint they pretty?  I like them
mostly floral type prints mixed in with a few
that read as a solid
and they went on the machine two by two
then four by four

and then were stashed away in a tin
I opened the tin today and played
(I KNOW I KNOW I am SUPPOSED to be working
on OTHER stuff)
but it is so relaxing to just sew
and play to your hearts content
I sewed them up 2,4,8,16 for the length
then made I think 12 rows
It still needs some work but I sewed all the squares I had pulled
so that was good progress

here they are laid out not sewn yet
I will wait to see if I need to mix in some fabrics
from the next rows

simple sewing
simple squares
will simply tie it

Dunkin is growing fond of it too
after all it may grace the bottom of the bed or the 
top of the couch for the cats
to use
as well as us if we pull it over our feet 
for a little extra warmth this winter

did you get to sew this Labor Day weekend?

1 comment: said...

I have just been doing some hand stitching.