Thursday, September 21, 2017

OMG look what I got in the mail

I got the mail and there was a squishy package
hmmm...... I dont remember buying anything 
from Jenny
(I know sometimes I do forget LOL)
nope, this package came all the way 
from a friend

a friend named JulieRose
who blogs here

Dunkin was impressed too.
Let me read that Mom!
sent you a package?
its not your birthday
not Christmas
just an ordinary day

that turned into SUPER real fast.
be still my heart
I recognized this from her blog
was she....?
as I unfolded it I almost cried

this BEAUTY she worked on 
as we slabbed away in oranges
don't cha just LOVE those ghastlies?

and wait
if you turn it over............

see what I mean?
tears of joy were welling up

to think 
someone I have only met thru blogging
made this for ME
I am humbled and so so lucky


are you sure Mom it doesnt say somewhere to 
send it back after you admire it or something?
you mean......?
it is OURS?????

I think so Dunks.......
no way this is going anywhere
except on our table

and I may even put out a heath bar or two
(Julies favorite LOL)

thank you so so much Julie
you made my day
more than you could ever know...........

6 comments: said...

OMG that is cute. No Heath bars, Rich will steal them. I see Dunkin is baptizing it with cat hair. It is yours for sure now.

Jeanna said...

I admired that piece on Julie's blog. What a sweet gift...she is a super blog friend.

barbara woods said...

she is the sweetest person

Julierose said...

ENJOY--hugs to Dunkin, too Julierose
;))) my pleasure...

Lady Jane said...

WOW!!! That is some gift!!! Enjoy if you can get it away from Duncan... Hugs, lj

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the ghastie fabric - what a very special gift from a friend.