Thursday, September 28, 2017

one of my brothers

remember this fun fabric I got in my
dollar bag?
I cut out 6  ten inch squares
had my good friend Jacky make me some
microwave bowls and let her have two
(aint I generous? LOL)

I think I will have a deer theme for this brother

kitchen towel
and I got some brown cotton yarn to make a knitted dishcloth
and want  to go to sewfresh quilts
and make the deer pattern
just a single block
for the center of his kitchen table  
will put borders to make it a little bigger but I think that will be cute
some homemade jams and he will be done
maybe some bowls for his microwave bowls to fit

another one almost done
I am getting there..........

I also ordered some photo gifts
I like York Photo for fun gifts
another possible 2 done

when you have a big family every little bit counts
how are you doing in YOUR sewing room?

5 comments: said...

How fun that you got enough squares to make microwave bowls. You are doing pretty good.

Jeanna said...

I just want to be like you when I grow up. You come up with wonderful and very thoughtful gifts for your family. And you are so good to start early.

My sewing room has been quiet but I have to get busy in there. Other "life" things have been distracting me lately.

Lady Jane said...

Well this is such a thought out gift. He will be very happy. I am making a sock monkey for my great niece for her BD and perhaps a fabric wallhanging for a blackboard, photo area and some pouches for stuff. hugs, lj

barbara woods said...

quilts, quilts and more quilts

Julierose said...

Great gifts you've got going there; I got home from our travels to MD @ 4 just got my binding strips ironed into dbl folds for tomorrow...Anxious to get those I Spies done...hugs, Julierose