Thursday, September 7, 2017


my buddy Jackie let me know that Jenny
of Missouri Star is collecting pillowcases

to send to those in need
in Texas because of the hurricane

I know a pillowcase seems like not much
but when you think of all you have lost
and someone you dont even know
takes the time to make you a pillowcase

that can brighten your day

I will get with Jacky for more details on where to send them

in the meantime I am cutting out and sewing up 7

why 7?
because that is Gods number
on the seventh day he rested.........

wont you send a little love to those
who were unfortunate and in the path
of the hurricane?

looks like there will be a greater need soon as well

she was collecting quilts and pillowcases
as far as I know
but I dont have the address where to send etc

I will try and get that info


and God bless all who are in the paths of 
the awful hurricanes and wildfires
and disasters all around us

thinking of you

1 comment: said...

Quilts of Compassion collects and donates quilts too. Also Edyta Sitar of Laundry basket quilts is donating $5 for each of her Made in the USA patterns which is sold and also asking for donations of those blocks. Quilters are a loving and kind group as I well know.