Friday, September 22, 2017

progress on vac week

ha bet  you thought I was gonna show you a quilt
not first anyway
I saw these and bought them
not a fan. has anyone else tried them?
maybe its me but an oreo to me is
chocolate filled with overstuffed white filling
so these were a disappointment to me
tasted phony flavored

I DID finish up cat mat number two out of those srcaps
and practiced a little quilting for fun

yep used this black piece up by cutting it inhalf
and adding the green
now it is gone  (yay)

and I think my practicing is paying off
a little

onto another finish

7 count them SEVEN
pillowcases to send off to Missouri Star

(tapping foot looking at Jacky..........
so where are your three???? hmmm???)


then laid out my granddaughters quilt top
for you to see and this guy was in trouble

or was he being set up? LOL
little antagonizer that she is..........

any who here she is in all her glory
and I did not have enough for another top
just have 14 more blocks
I did 4 x 6 rows  24 blocks total here

trying to think how I could set the others and maybe 
add a row of slabbed pink and purples?  
or if I should just move on to another one
on the list

found this guy to decorate for the Fall
my Mom made it
and she passed in 1989 so it is pretty old
but pretty special..........
Hi Mom! Happy Fall!


Julierose said...

Love your pink/purple piece--it will be gorgeous hugs, Julierose said...

Squeal!!! Love the squirrel in the strip! Pink and purple turned out lovely.

Jeanna said...

Love the pink/purple quilt top. It is a good size like it is...I think.

Cute fall decoration too.

barbara woods said...

really pretty Dawn

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Love youe pink/purple quilt! SO pretty! Such a nice remembrance of your mom. Can't believe it's fall already!