Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sept is shaping up projectwise

another pumpkin slab project
I still have some pumpkins made
and some smaller slabs too
I may need to do a mega pumpkin day
and get them made into something
I have lots of Fall birthdays
and a table topper or pillow just may fit the bill
for a cute gift
I love how these came together out of scraps
and the 3 1/2 inch squares were gifted to me
so basically a freebie gift
gotta love it!

one gift for the cats.........check and into the
gift box
I wish I had another panel to make a second one like this
I love how it came out
it just sort of fell into place on my mat
as I was sorting stuff
that light blue square in the center? yeah I noticed
afterwards it has a white cat on it

may need to make some little toys now
and another mat 
after all I have TWO cats LOL

this is almost ready for me to play with layout and sew
them up
question is one top or two
thinking mother daughter lap quilts........

and these blocks are finally sewn into a top
hubs goes WOW all those pieces LOL
he likes the more orderly planned quilts
like the pink and purple one

bit I think this will make a nice warm cuddle snuggle quilt
wish I had a longarmer who rented longarm time on a machine
so I could book a few hours and sew some up
and get them done
I am starting to accumulate some tops

I would have Christmas all wrapped up if
I could do that!

what are you playing with today in your sewing room?


barbara woods said...

getting a lot done this week

Jeanna said...

Your gift box is filling up with some really nice things. said...

Looking good, your gift box is getting there.