Monday, September 25, 2017

small projects are fun

this would be such a cute mugrug
I found this on the internet and I think I can
draw it out no problem
I do have that lime green towel..........
who do I know who likes the grinch?

gotta give brother measurements of my jar
I want one of these so bad

this is a cute little applique  project too
I love it
and I have a red coffee cup
how perfect for the Fall.........

these are bookmarks but
I am thinking of them on a mat
for the cats
I always make them new food mats
to put under their bowls
it helps contain the mess from my
two messy eaters........
simple shapes too
half circle and a tail


Charlene S said...

Those fish bones are fun. said...

The book marks are fun.

Jeanna said...

Those are some nice project ideas. The fish are a hoot!

Lady Jane said...

Love the fish bone idea for the cats!!! I use this old yucky plastic tray... I will make Badge a mat for his bowls. Cant believe I never thought of it. Hugs, LJ

barbara woods said...

so many cute things on the Internet, need to go looking for a small qift for all my family soon