Sunday, September 3, 2017

the things you find when you clean the sewing room

I found some panel fabrics
from WAY back
I am thinking that these will
make cute bags
made some and they are so
so cute!
of course her panels were cuter
than mine but hey
who doesnt need a nice
quilted bag to carry things?

and be still my heart
a nice piece of toile in black
I will try and think
of what I will do with this beauty
in Jan
maybe a black and white quilt
using this as the center

look how cute
love it!

ah.......I was LOOKING for this!
I am thinking this will make a cute little 
gift for the 6 year old

have you seen them before?
when you put a dollar in it
then open it to the left it will show the front
open it to the right and it shows the back
and it is on the other side

they get a kick out of the "magic"

I may have to make at least one of these

it is easier than you think to make them
the secret is in the ribbons and how you join them
if you are interested in making them let me know
I will hook you up

3 comments: said...

Sweet finds. Love the Toile.

barbara woods said...

great panel, it will make a great bag

Julierose said...

I love panels to quilt; I have a few in boxes too. You have a really cute one there...hugs, Julierose