Saturday, September 2, 2017

things on the to do list

not sure about you but at this time of year
I go into high gear
my Christmas box needs to be filled
with fun things to gift
this quilt top is done except for the borders
and then to quilt it and bind it. it will make a nice
warm lap quilt and I love it
it is on the list of maybe to finish up quickly

pillowcases are another thing I like to make
you can have a day of cutting up kits for the
then another marathon sewing day
and a bunch of pillowcases will be born

I like to make a lot of them out of fabric I 
may no longer love or have a lot in my stash of
I used to buy 5 yds of everything.........yeah I know
what was I thinking?
so if I can get one day to pile up my fabrics and make my kits
then another to sew them up
I will donate to the local nursing home
to make someones day a little brighter

this is the sewing machine mat I made for Jacky
I have a blue one almost ready to go for me
since I have been in the blue stash lately it may
be time to get er done!
I just took 2.5 inch squares and sewed 18 of them 
in two rows of 9 for the pocket
and then a larger piece of about 54 of them
then you batt and quilt the bottom
and add on the pocket piece
sew where you want the pockets  
some big for a pincushion
some small for seamripper etc
and then bind
easy peasy but why didnt I finish mine? DUH

this flimsy just needs quilting up 

these guys were the start of Pat Sloans winter stoltsice
and I am thinking they may look nice
with one of my panels
as a border

this one is in progress and I found it again the other day
need more of the reds for the bricks
but a fun and easy leader and ender project

those other blocks again.
nice blues 

these are hiding out somewhere I think too
I had made the cat quilt but had more of them
that were destined for borders or a little quilt
they will show up when they want to play

and some of these need to be made
they are a cute little mugrug that is on 
kevin the quilters blog
probably last Christmas time or the year before
he had the directions on there
so so cute
makes a nice neighbor gift with some cups and cocoa
or tea or coffee

last year for neighbor gifts I went the easy route but they 
loved it
I got HO HOs and Ding Dongs at the grocery store
and made a tag that said
HO HO HO from your DIng Dong neighbors
they all got a kick out of it LOL
a cute simple inexpensive gift that says
I am thinking of you..........
isnt that what giving is all about?

are you making a to do list?

I want to make some fast finishes first
then I want to concentrate on the
deer quilt 
(I know I know Colette- I was supposed to be done in Jan
with that thing.......uuuuughhhhhhh)

and just to punish myself I was thinking of making Landon
my great nephew a deer quilt using a panel he picked
out of my stash
he is 6 and wants one "like Papa"
I need to make some turkey blocks to border the deer
his Mom is the one getting married and they 
will have a new house to live in
they bought one and are fixing it up right now
so he will have a new bedroom and is excited
he also informed me he likes the chapstick keychains 
but needs one in camouflage fabric
do you think I can find a darned piece to make him one? 

any way that is the list

1) make some quick finishes
2) make some pillowcases to give to others
3) finish the deer for brother
4) make a deer for Landon
then of course I have the rest to do

make a doxie pillow with Jacky
make some lap quilts
make nail polish quilt
knit some boot cuffs and matching scarves
make some knit dishcloths
make some potholders
and make some ornaments 
and some money card holders

this may be the year of the gift cards for me
I have no canning done
no jelly
no spare quilts
no nothing made........ bad bad girl that  I am........
I love that pic of my Dad and the girls 
I may just need to make a coffee cup out of it
we will see.......

anyone use Vistaprints or shutterfly for gifts?
now is the time before the big rush. 
they usually have great sales
I got a 100 dollar plush fleece blanket done
one year of my niece and her fiance and Landon
she cried.........she loved it so much
I paid half price cause I ordered it early 
in the summertime 
if you are thinking of photo gifts get them done now
you will be glad y ou did.....

they have puzzles, pillowcases, blankets, ornaments
cups , travel cups you name it. 
those are some of the things I have gotten and the quality 
is great.
my niece was telling me the other night she loves her ornament
with Dunkin on it. we found him when we lived up stairs from her
and she loves him. 
any other good ideas for gifts from you gals??????


Julierose said...

Boyohboyhboy what a long list!! I had to sit myself down after reading through it!!;)))
I am on a little sewing break because I stupidly hurt myself trying to clean out my craft (crapque!!) closet...see, cleaning can be dangerous to your sewing life....ugh hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

i'm with Julie Rose cleaning is dangerious

Needled Mom said...

Your list is as long as mine. I do love those little tree blocks. They would make such nice gifts. said...

I have a list in my head.....if I can find it again is another thing. :D