Wednesday, September 13, 2017

today started out awful

 today was not a good day. it started out with the
cat puking all over my couch.
not sure which one but thinking Phoebe

I cleaned that up, went in and sewed up the 
white on the purple and pink quilt and then
went to take my shower to go to work

I hear water
nobody is running water

yay the water heater is spewing 
water all over the place

so I call in to work and then the plumber
at 9 am still no call from plumber
so I call back
they send someone to shut off the water heater
and then will come back to fix it
I told them to get a quote on a new one
from the office
so they did and came back and put it in

so by 3 pm I had hot water
while I was waiting I sewed
and as I told Jackie I was so upset 
I cleaned my sock drawer.
she cracked up.
I said no when I am mad I can
knit like crazy or get lots done
see the panel above?
it had these brown triangle edges that I cut off

so I took them and sewed them to some
2 1/2 inch squares I had sewn into a strip and 
trimmed it to fit
voila`  one cat mat 

see? this was the trimming from the panel

this was blue backing I used to use it up

and I found binding that was leftover and worked

see how cute?

one little project done

then I had more time so I went through my
UFO bins just to revisit 
and I found my 8 inch slab blocks
they were sewn into rows
so I sewed the rows into a top
so many fun fabrics in this

from chickens and eggs

to salt and pepper shakers

to patriotic stars

to leftover tears from my heart
to Colette


Dunkin spent some time checking it out
and taking the softness test
to make sure it is comfy

I also sewed the binding on this table topper
so into the washer it goes

I guess when I am mad and have a  bad day
I can get a lot accomplished.
white borders on pink purple blocks
cleaned up sock drawer
cleaned out cat litter boxes
sewed blocks for slab quilt
made cat mat
finished table topper

and got a new water heater.


4 comments: said...

I know not what you wanted but your post made me laugh. Lucy gets mad at me and pukes (I kid you not) on demand. Glad in your frustration you got a lot done.

barbara woods said...

make some for the couch that has water proof backing for the next time

Jeanna said...

We are waiting to get an estimate for replacing our hot water heater so maybe I can be as productive as you.

sewyouquilt2 said...

oh no I didnt mean to get yours sick too! we have a 30 gal elect and it was 1200 OUCH