Tuesday, October 31, 2017


I made this runner in Sept and Oct
dont you just love those pumpkins?

and this guy is already in use
and making the place festive for Fall 

Jacky has this guy to keep her company

this beauty is on my table.
thanks JulieRose!  

my Mom's pumpkin is out

remember these at the Fair?
now THATS a PUMPKIN! lol
did you know they feed the special seeds milk
to get this big??
I kid  you not........I asked LOL

Dunkin is trick or treating as a quilt inspector............

Phoebe as a sloth...........

and because of this I am not buying candy
that I dont want to eat
and hubs cant eat

so you watch

this year they will come.........
better get the rolls of quarters ready
to hand out
what kid doesnt love money right?


linking up with Beth of  lovelaughquilt

Monday, October 30, 2017

squirrel time of the year

remember this 
.10 tin?

it was empty
cant have that now can we?
so I pulled strips from the scrap bag that had been sewn
and cut them into 5 inch blocks
then sewed them up into rows
one up- one sideways

and then sewed all but one of the blocks
so that I will remember to cut them at 5 inches

and made two rows and a partial

as you can see some have 3 strips  some 4
no rhyme nor reason except to use up strips

Dunks seems to like it
I do too
it is very old fashioned looking
and greens and browns so may need to continue
with that loose theme for color

Phoebe was trying to sleep
with one eye open
because of all the rain and noise on the tin roof
of the screen room
funny girl.........

so I guess my b rain needed a diversion from
my crazy Christmas list

thats my story and I'm stickin to it!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

more fun ideas

I like this little idea
and who doesnt have scraps
to make them?
just a little rectangle
folded up into a pocket
to hold a teabag

you   could also make it
like a book
I can see me whipping up a few
for some neighbors in 
my park

I have a niece who this would
be perfect for
sorry about the language

she just broke up with
her loser boyfriend
and we are all telling her she is
better off

and because we have hunters in the family..........
LOL  they would never wear this
but on a pillow or something
there is a possiblility

my brothers deer table topper ready to quilt
I need to get camo fab for the back
and put the pieced borders on

my youngest grandsons quilt ready to bind......

this is bound and ready to wash and put in the box

and some stuff accumulated for boss's basket
will just wait for goodie cookies and chocolates
later and maybe a gift card for coffee shop

how are you doing on your list?

Saturday, October 28, 2017

easy boys quilts

these would make easy
boy quilts
I may have to borrow this

or this........

isnt it adorable?
I have one grandson who wants
to be a professional 
baseball player

this one is perfect for him

maybe for next year

Friday, October 27, 2017

craft fairs

went to a couple of craft fairs
got some different jelly for me
strawberry pineapple peach mango jam

got a ton of baskets to make basket gifts
the priest gave me a great deal
he wanted to get rid of them LOL

then inside I got a metal tin

for .10  and some ribbon to 
make bows for 2.00
3 rolls!

they also had a cute coffee cup
for .25

I saw this saying on pinterest
and thought how cute would this be
on a pillow for brothers cabin?
maybe I can get the niece to 
make it for him
I have him kinda done LOL

 mailed out these directions

be checking your mail

sorry I have been lax
things a little busy round here
with trips to drs and
getting both our health insurances
done for the next year
you almost need a bloody
degree now a days it is NUTS
especially if you have lots of
medications like my husband does

one wrong choice could cost 
thousands more

Other craft fair I got a pair of boot cuffs and
a ponytail hat
then the second fair got another ponytail hat
and a hooded scarf for me
also got some knitted fish
with catnip for the kids
and Dunkin went right for the bag and had 
them out tossed on the floor 
before I could take off my sweatshirt
so I retrieved them and put them in 
the gift box
I know........mean mama I am hee hee

so craft fair items added to gift box
ponytail hat
boot cuffs
ponytail hat
fish with catnip
hooded scarf
and tons of baskets and ribbon
to wrap things
not a bad haul

Thursday, October 26, 2017

doe a deer

nope NOT the deer you were thinking of Colette
THIS deer...........got the face done
now just to find a border and make it 
into a cute table topper for my brother in Maine
cha ching! he will be done

just look at this gift box........
WOW is all I can say
I have been slaving away
and doing a little retail shopping too

remember the niece that got married?
I got her this canvas made
of her wedding picture
I hope she likes it.
It will look so good in their new home........

getting the list pared down...........
whats that saying?
slow and steady? ha ha

the start of another little tuck in gift
a scarf

out of this yarn........and it IS amazing.
and soft.........

how are you doing?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

deer theme

I just LOVE these antler ornaments
so so fun and cute
I am thinking out of a salt dough
 fun to put  on brothers gift outside the package
dont cha think?

or this one..........so cute too
I may have a cookie cutter deer I could
a few beads or french knot spots
and ready to go

or this one........so cute
maybe for Landons deer quilt?

or maybe a woodburned one
the possibilities are endless

oh my..........MORE fun ornaments
I really need to concentrate 
on the already long list of projects
at hand

but arent they adorable?

I DID work on some deer

no Colette  not THOSE deer
but these little guys
made into mugrug tops

another little tuck in for brother
I think he will like them.........

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

some cute ideas I have saved

this is an outside decoration but I wanted
to save it for the face idea on some 
popsickle sticks
maybe some night Rich and I can hot glue up a bunch
for the ornament making party

a  lady at the craft fair was makiing these for 45 dollars
seemed a little steep to me for some paint
and probably free pallet wood

and these
how cute and easy and Free?
I have sticks in the back yard
and the base is a cardboard bookmark shape
with a hole at top to hang
I can see some glitter and beads and things
added to these too
just for fun

and I have a sis in law who loves wine
wonder if she can save me her corks?
I have googly eyes and pipecleaners
would just need pompom nose

and this one is cute and easy too
I certainly have tons of fabric for some cool 
looking scarves too

Do you make ornaments?
what are y our favorites?

I like to craft with the kiddos and then they wrap them
as gifts so they learn the art of giving too
one year one niece gave everyone 
a butterfly made of two of those sticks that are shaped
like a spoon on each end and we put a magnet
on the back and she signed and dated them

fun fun and so so cute

Monday, October 23, 2017

knitting needs to be addressed

this first blanket I added a couple more rows
but for the most part it is stalled
I need to set aside a half hour a night and get it done
the others I can make later on in 2018 if I have to
I will use the Plan B method LOL
get a gift just in case...........and if it is done, all is
still good and I have gift for gift box......

Phoebe is not much help............

neither is Dunkin

funny how they both want to go into my sewing room and
when I am done in there, they prance out
and go right to their respective 'beds" LOL
cats are so darned funny........

these are the cool baskets I found at the church
sales this weekend
they had a craft sale section and a
second hand section.
I am always on the lookout for good baskets
they make gift giving easier  

have you found any great buys lately?

Sunday, October 22, 2017

thinking ahead

how cute are these coffee mugs?
my friend Julie Rose had given this fabric to me
a bit ago
and I just was playing and cut a strip and added
strips I got from the quilt show bag
and voila~  cute mug rug was born

found some good deals on some yarn too
so got a couple skeins for good measure
scarves are always in demand around here
and are so easy to make

preparing ahead for turkey day
found THREE of these at I think Target
or Tar-Jay  as we like to call it ha ha
gave one already to the bride for her new house
she loved it
she goes Auntie how did you know my kitchen
was blue?
the other two will be delivered soon to the
nieces who have apartments
fun fun as they liked to cook with me
as they were growing up

a cute potholder is attached to each of them
as a set
how fun is that?
the other side of the towel has the conversions
of measurements that are always needed
in the kitchen

a handy dandy little gift
dont cha think?
linking up with beth of lovelaughquilt
and also
with Cynthia of quiltingismoefunthan housework

Saturday, October 21, 2017

getting lots done around here

one batch of applesauce is done
and the apples are GONE
3 batches of caramel apple jam
and one batch of applesauce
it is so pretty and rosy red
no sugar added  just cinnamon

as I shop I am always on the lookout 
for good deals
I found this ceramic car with a surfboard on it
at a local store that was having a 40% off sale
for their 40th year in business
I got the car for like 3 bucks
and I have been looking for the 
"perfect tree"

at WalMart for a DOLLAR
don't cha LOVE it!!!!
I do!
this will be on my table for sure
will get some gorilla glue
and attach that tree
wouldnt want it to fall off as I drive home
now would I ? LOL

remember this?
it was some of my 15 minute daily sewing
looks like a mess but I have a plan.........

and  it is slowly turning into THIS

yeah only one little glitch
not bad for 4am sewing hee hee
have to recut some pieces
and the eyes and mouth
and get the bottom part done

then it will be finding a cute
Christmassy but not Christmas fabric
for a border and get him quilted up and bound
for a table topper for brother

you think he will like it?
if not I know I do ha ha
Are you making anything fun with your time?