Saturday, October 7, 2017

almost finished with his gifts

this is my brother who has the place in Maine
he is the middle brother
and if any of you ladies want to know
he will get the deer stuff for his cabin in Maine

these micro bowls
and the deer towel and dishcloths in brown
if I have time a table topper deer for his table

he also likes my jam   <3

last year he got this from me...........

I only finished two of these last year and have one 
more brother to go
my Dad got the bear one and I had to put a deer
on the back when one brother said
"Dad hates bears"
great! I got him that Papa Bear panel last year LOL

anyway, hope he likes his gift this year
it is hard to top a great quilt you know?

today one niece turns 21 and tomorrow
her sister is getting married
busy time around here


Julierose said...

Oh enjoy your family moments...hugs,Julierose said...

Awe your brother is so handsome. He is in store for some fun gifts.

barbara woods said...

nice looking brother

Jeanna said...

How can your dad hate bears? LOL That sounds like something that would happen to me.