Monday, October 16, 2017

craft fair goodies

I went to a craft fair on Sat
my buddy Jacky did not go- she had a family 
but I went and it is all her fault that I spent so much
LOL  thats my story and I'm stickin to it
see this beautiful embroidered set of pillowcases?

well you KNOW how I love blue
and I am a sucker for pretty pillowcases
(not sure why cause I have my eyes closed when I use them....hmmmm)
but anywho.......I HAD to have them
the lady was so cute 
I also got a cute christmas gift that I can not show
plus a dish soap apron lighthouse pattern
Yes I am one of the few people left in the 
world that does not have a dishwasher

these cuties also came home with me
wont they look cute on my tree?
made with walnuts
and empty spools
and milkpods
so so cute

this lady had to come home with me too
I love her
the lady that made her and I had a 
great conversation 
and she wished me a Merry Christmas! 
she says you are the first Merry Christmas
this year! LOL

isnt she made so purty?

love the detail
she is decorated in pearls

and will look so cute on my shelf

have YOU been to any craft fairs lately?
any Christmas gifts or ideas come out of them?


Julierose said...

I love that little crocheted angel--the decorations on it are amazing! It will look so pretty on your tree;))
I haven't gotten out to any fairs this year as yet, but am hoping to hit a few soon...I used to go with Mom to a whole bunch every year and did get a lot of my Christmas shopping done at them. You got some really cute stuff--love those pillowcases--I have a few from my grand-mere...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

My dish washer tore up and I told Tommy just unplug because i only used it for big family dinner.s I wash them and enjoy it said...

Pretty pillowcases. I went to a quilt show that had a craft fair. I bought kitchen towels and cookies (for me). Love the angel she is gorgeous.