Friday, October 27, 2017

craft fairs

went to a couple of craft fairs
got some different jelly for me
strawberry pineapple peach mango jam

got a ton of baskets to make basket gifts
the priest gave me a great deal
he wanted to get rid of them LOL

then inside I got a metal tin

for .10  and some ribbon to 
make bows for 2.00
3 rolls!

they also had a cute coffee cup
for .25

I saw this saying on pinterest
and thought how cute would this be
on a pillow for brothers cabin?
maybe I can get the niece to 
make it for him
I have him kinda done LOL

 mailed out these directions

be checking your mail

sorry I have been lax
things a little busy round here
with trips to drs and
getting both our health insurances
done for the next year
you almost need a bloody
degree now a days it is NUTS
especially if you have lots of
medications like my husband does

one wrong choice could cost 
thousands more

Other craft fair I got a pair of boot cuffs and
a ponytail hat
then the second fair got another ponytail hat
and a hooded scarf for me
also got some knitted fish
with catnip for the kids
and Dunkin went right for the bag and had 
them out tossed on the floor 
before I could take off my sweatshirt
so I retrieved them and put them in 
the gift box
I know........mean mama I am hee hee

so craft fair items added to gift box
ponytail hat
boot cuffs
ponytail hat
fish with catnip
hooded scarf
and tons of baskets and ribbon
to wrap things
not a bad haul

2 comments: said...

LOL Dunkin finding his gifts early. Got the pattern. Thank you so much. I am partway through part 2.....Surprise!

barbara woods said...

got the pattern yesterday , thanks