Thursday, October 5, 2017

deck the halls

I have been busy busy but not much I can show you
I CAN show you this
I cut out ALMOST all of my green pieces
for the wreath
took me only a few minutes
I just pulled a bunch of med to dark greens and
cut away
anything that I could cut of the different sizes
I did 
I just have the largest squares to do but they are 
for step 3 I think so all is good


my part one is DONE
I LOVE the methods used
FOUR geese out of one little step
I definitely will use this method again

after sewing the first two squares and cutting them
this is the second part of the flying geese

see? easy peasy and now I have the four of them
I need

next you take the remaining 5 1/4? inch squares
and pair them up
draw line

sew 1/4 inch away each side
then pair up two of those
dothe same

just make sure there are different fabrics
and that they are placed like this

once you sew and cut you get 8 of these
we will only be using 7
so one for the UFO box
part one DONE
and these pieces are small enough
that I used them of scraps
that I had laying around
for the next larger blocks I will 
pull from stash I think as I am not 
sure I have anything 7 inches or larger in my scrap pile

I also am rearranging things a bit
so that I have what I need handy

these guys came out as I need to start
knitting my dishcloths at night
a little at a time
you would be surprised how 15 min here and 
there add up!

and more cutting and secret sewing
this sewing room is a disaster with all these projects going on
but it is Santas workshop for a bit
so I will deal with it

and more little projects getting finished and ready for binding
then I will do one mass binding day
sew them all on at once

I love this fabric that came in my large pkg from the 
quilt show
wish I could get more of it

how are YOU doing in YOUR sewing room?
I am making a little progress each day
just a little though

my game plan is this
I will finish as many little projects each week
as I can and then one day work on 
a bigger one
will see how it works for me
I FINALLY got my BIG knitting needles in the mail
 Now hopefully if I am not running doing errands
after work I can sit and knit for an hour each night
and get er done!


Julierose said...

Am mainly "thinking" projects while resting and trying to stay away from Jenny ! LOL Her Daily Deals are calling me...Need to take a good long rest to make sure the arm is healed. If it's not one thing it's another huh?
I agree that green leaved fabric is gorgeous...hugs, Julierose said...

My projects are outside projects. But once it is done I can settle.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I am not buying any more fabric the rest of the year! And stacks of projects need to be finished rather than starting new - pinch me.

barbara woods said...

lots of projects to get started and do before Christmas

Jeanna said...

I love that method of making flying geese. I still need to pull fabrics for the wreath.