Saturday, October 21, 2017

getting lots done around here

one batch of applesauce is done
and the apples are GONE
3 batches of caramel apple jam
and one batch of applesauce
it is so pretty and rosy red
no sugar added  just cinnamon

as I shop I am always on the lookout 
for good deals
I found this ceramic car with a surfboard on it
at a local store that was having a 40% off sale
for their 40th year in business
I got the car for like 3 bucks
and I have been looking for the 
"perfect tree"

at WalMart for a DOLLAR
don't cha LOVE it!!!!
I do!
this will be on my table for sure
will get some gorilla glue
and attach that tree
wouldnt want it to fall off as I drive home
now would I ? LOL

remember this?
it was some of my 15 minute daily sewing
looks like a mess but I have a plan.........

and  it is slowly turning into THIS

yeah only one little glitch
not bad for 4am sewing hee hee
have to recut some pieces
and the eyes and mouth
and get the bottom part done

then it will be finding a cute
Christmassy but not Christmas fabric
for a border and get him quilted up and bound
for a table topper for brother

you think he will like it?
if not I know I do ha ha
Are you making anything fun with your time?


Julierose said...

Oh he will just love it!! And if not, it could prance right on over to your house...;))))
("...I hear those sleigh bells ringin' and jing-jing-jingling...toooo" file under songs for all occasions)....
and I just love that car with the tree...super idea...hugs Julierose

barbara woods said...

love your car and tree, haven't started decorating yet said...

Cute car, love the tree on top of it. Your deer is coming along.