Tuesday, October 3, 2017

gifts and memories

what are some of the gifts you have gotten
over the years that you  loved  so much?
this little guy
was made by an 8 year old sweetie
my niece who is now 25 and getting married
she was so excited to make it for me out of
a sock and rice and painted it and everything
I still have it in my sewing room so I can
see the smiling face every day
isnt it cute?
these are the type of gifts that mean something to me
it is giving a little part of her to me

this was finished up last year and put in the gift box
I may give it to her with her other gifts
for her new home
so proud of her and her hubs to be
they saved up their money from living with
Mom and Dad and bought a fixer upper
with cash
no mortgage-------paid for
now they just need the cash to help pay
for the fixing of it
the electrical and plumbing has all been redone
they are working on the bedrooms and kitchen now
so so proud of them as they will be able to have
the home of their dreams with little money borrowed
good thing he is handy!

these are my Dads favorite and I always try and find them
to tuck in with his gift
I got him one of those photo blankets
using the pic of him and the nieces
I hope he likes it

hmmm   just found this pic from last year
I have a plan............

for those gifts I dont get done?
it wont be MY fault

they will get coal
yep THEIR fault they were bad.........

what do you think?????
I dont think it will fly at all........


Julierose said...

Memories become smiles over the years...;)))
hugs, Julierose

Jeanna said...

Such a sweet snow person and a treasured gift from your niece.

The lumps of coal a pretty funny.

barbara woods said...

gifts from the heart are the best. I have a pin cushion made for me by my granddaughter and a house she made another year

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Wow so if you don't finish your gifts the intended recipient gets coal? Shouldn't it be you that gets the coal for being a bad girl? LOL Hugs