Monday, October 23, 2017

knitting needs to be addressed

this first blanket I added a couple more rows
but for the most part it is stalled
I need to set aside a half hour a night and get it done
the others I can make later on in 2018 if I have to
I will use the Plan B method LOL
get a gift just in case...........and if it is done, all is
still good and I have gift for gift box......

Phoebe is not much help............

neither is Dunkin

funny how they both want to go into my sewing room and
when I am done in there, they prance out
and go right to their respective 'beds" LOL
cats are so darned funny........

these are the cool baskets I found at the church
sales this weekend
they had a craft sale section and a
second hand section.
I am always on the lookout for good baskets
they make gift giving easier  

have you found any great buys lately?


Julierose said...

I haven't seen any good deals lately...but then I haven't gotten out to do a lot of shopping either. today I go to JoAnnes to get more quilting thread--I like their Guttermann brand a lot for hand quilting--and some No 6 DPN's to start my socks...

hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

looks like a warm blanket said...

OK is that going to be just really heavy? But it looks super soft. So how do I always miss posts?