Sunday, October 15, 2017

late bloomer

this is my garden
dont tell it that it is October!
all summer there wasnt even leaves on this dahlia
I thought it had died
just wanted a show of its own I guess
look how pretty and notice the buds
yeah.........more to come

and this guy is so pretty and knocked over
by the cat next door
he loves to sit on my flowers 
it too has tons of buds for later

this was a pineapple top 
off a pineapple I bought
it is growing nicely
and will have to be brought inside
for the winter

my creeping purple flowered plant is spreading
out in my barrel
that is a good thing and hopefully next year
it spills out a little more

this was a praying mantis on my sedum in front
it turned pink early and is now all brown
he was dancing in the rain LOL
just sprinkling out but wet

pumpkin my brother got me from Maine
to carve
he is so good to me
I am lucky to have family that loves me

this bush is a mystery to me
half is all green
the other half is green and white
some kind of Euony bush I think

and the small maple is turning color
the birds are wondering where all the feeders went
I hear them when I go outside
and others all calling to me 
to fill the feeders 
that have been put away for the winter
Fall is upon us and winter won't be too far behind...........

3 comments: said...

Fall flowers which are a surprise are the best. You don't feed the feathered ones during the winter?

barbara woods said...

i tried to comment three times yesterday but my kindle wouldn't let me. I have a big pink Rose , last one

Julierose said...

Oh none of my dahlias even came up at all...booooo!
I think those durn chipmunks ate 'em all!
I am on the lookout for some sedum autumn Joy this week...hoping they won't get eaten up!! I have mums blooming very well though...hugs, Julierose