Friday, October 13, 2017

lots more to do but a good start

this is in my gift bin
I love the stripe binding that looks like candy cane
this was Dresden blades cut and donated to me
by my friend Jacky
(no she cant be your friend too
she is MINE... LOL)
so I sewed them into a runner one day
found a cute red Christmas fabric in the stash 
that has sayings on it like Peace on Earth
Merry Christmas etc and bordered and backed it
then bound it with the stripe
love it!

this slab quilt is sewn and ready to back and batt
and tie or quilt
not sure how I will finish it yet  but if I need
a nice warm quilt it will move up on the list

I also have this cutie that I can make into something

mug rugs are a staple in the gift box
they are small and fun and so so useful
I have a stack of them for the hubs and I
we use them all the time and toss in the wash
fun to change them out for the seasons
I am using a pumpkin one right now

Brody the dog is done except for maybe some treats

this goes with one brothers package

this may end up with a Grinch theme package
we will see how time progresses

this needs to be duplicated
I have two nieces who LOVE purple and 
these would make washing dishes and cleaning
up a little more fun in your fav color
don't cha think?

these are for daughter and I just need to maybe
get some twigs and make some
type of holder for them

zippy bags are always fun and useful

more mug rugs

some kites for good measure
LOVE this pattern and have used it so so much
I may have to actually make a quilt with it 

more mug rugs

this needs to be quilted and finished

some bags are in the works

cat placemats are done too

I have quite a few things done
but my list is long
hopefully I can jam it out this week
and then get back on track in the sewing room
I am having withdrawals LOL
so is Dunkin!


Julierose said...

You are really rolling along--lovely projects...hugs, Julierose said...

Your gift box is going to be overflowing soon.