Sunday, October 29, 2017

more fun ideas

I like this little idea
and who doesnt have scraps
to make them?
just a little rectangle
folded up into a pocket
to hold a teabag

you   could also make it
like a book
I can see me whipping up a few
for some neighbors in 
my park

I have a niece who this would
be perfect for
sorry about the language

she just broke up with
her loser boyfriend
and we are all telling her she is
better off

and because we have hunters in the family..........
LOL  they would never wear this
but on a pillow or something
there is a possiblility

my brothers deer table topper ready to quilt
I need to get camo fab for the back
and put the pieced borders on

my youngest grandsons quilt ready to bind......

this is bound and ready to wash and put in the box

and some stuff accumulated for boss's basket
will just wait for goodie cookies and chocolates
later and maybe a gift card for coffee shop

how are you doing on your list?

2 comments: said...

LOL you have much nicer blog readers than those on FB about your tea bag holders. I think a pillow from those Big Buck t-shirts would be so cute. Or how about a simple lap quilt with that in the middle?

barbara woods said...

pulled some greens last night!