Friday, October 6, 2017

more progress

a little more progress on those
little projects

another little fun quilt time
simple straight (uh hem ok not so straight) lines

put my soapmaking stuff in one pile
I got some white soap and some color
and fragrance
and will make money soaps for the kiddos
roll the money up and put in seran wrap tight
pour part of the soap and let it set a little
add the money and let it sit a bit
then pour the top of the soap to cover it
should be a fun one
 may even give to the boyfriends of the nieces
will make a fun label for them too

and bought these for the great nephew
he is such a cutie pie
told his Grandmother the other day
he wanted to go to Auntie Dawns house
because he always has fun there
how sweet is that?
love that kid! he likes to scope out the 
turkey population out back hee hee
hows your project(s) coming?

4 comments: said...

You have plans. The soap making sounds fun.

Jeanna said...

The money soap is a cute those guys hands will always be clean :)

The great nephew sounds like a sweetie. He'll love his gifts from Auntie Dawn.

Julierose said...

Oh that sounds like such fun--nice to be a favorite Auntie ;))) hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

great gifts! didn't get much done yesterday, company