Wednesday, October 4, 2017

one of the elves is gonna get fired

Jacky made this cute set of micro bowls for my brother
arent they adorable?

I have been slaving away at this afghan
and 24 more skeins arrived in a box
big enough to pack my house in! LOL
where do you hide such a box till you get to it?
of course the needles that I need have not arrived

and no squirrels
(well except for my GIFT to YOU)
that I will be posting as soon as I can

but look who is "helping"
he and Phoebe fight over THIS box even though
there are TWO of them set up
I guess this one is more comfy?
don't cha just wanna pinch that cute butt sticking out?

and this is what he does when I am sewing
he gets at my feet
and takes my bag of pieces of batting
and kneads them into a bed too!

this Santa's elf is busy busy busy and not much
will be done this weekend 

I went to the Fair in NH with brothers and my Dad
and then next weekend is the BIG wedding of my niece
so that will be a party for sure
(good thing it is also a long weekend hee hee)

after that our weddings are done for this year
so it will just be the birthdays 
and the holidays
Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas

found an adorable Thanksgiving kitchen towel
at our local Target for the nieces
it has a potholder to match but it has the directions
to roast their turkey
how cool is that for young cooks? 
so I got THREE
one for the three older ones that have set up house
I got a kick out of it

is your sewing room a workshop too?


Julierose said...

You are as busy as a bee there; I sewed the bindings onto my two I Spy pieces yesterday--so resting today...hauling 2 quilts through Helga is a tiring job!!
ooof-dah!! Hugs, Julierose

Jeanna said...

You ARE a busy little elf. My sewing room is a disaster and so is my work area. My desk is covered in work and it isn't going down fast enough.

The kitties are so sweet but I wouldn't want to pinch one :)

barbara woods said...

need to clean this whole house but really need to my sewing room