Tuesday, October 24, 2017

some cute ideas I have saved

this is an outside decoration but I wanted
to save it for the face idea on some 
popsickle sticks
maybe some night Rich and I can hot glue up a bunch
for the ornament making party

a  lady at the craft fair was makiing these for 45 dollars
seemed a little steep to me for some paint
and probably free pallet wood

and these
how cute and easy and Free?
I have sticks in the back yard
and the base is a cardboard bookmark shape
with a hole at top to hang
I can see some glitter and beads and things
added to these too
just for fun

and I have a sis in law who loves wine
wonder if she can save me her corks?
I have googly eyes and pipecleaners
would just need pompom nose

and this one is cute and easy too
I certainly have tons of fabric for some cool 
looking scarves too

Do you make ornaments?
what are y our favorites?

I like to craft with the kiddos and then they wrap them
as gifts so they learn the art of giving too
one year one niece gave everyone 
a butterfly made of two of those sticks that are shaped
like a spoon on each end and we put a magnet
on the back and she signed and dated them

fun fun and so so cute


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Nope I am not an ornament maker, but I do like the one with the sticks.

Julierose said...

I don't craft ornaments--or wait a minute--one year I needlepointed some , but these have been gifted to my children for their trees....cute stuff hugs, Julierose

Lady Jane said...

Cute and easy peasy ideas, thanks for sharing. hugs, lj

barbara woods said...

i have when i run across a cute craft