Friday, October 20, 2017

some holiday fun

when I was at the store I got some supplies
like glitter
and plain glass ornaments
and wood sticks to make some sleds and snowmen

I need to find the pattern for this and make a couple 
of them for quick gifts

and I love these too
have to use them somewhere

and gotta get some sticks in the woods
and get some of these ready to go

may make another plate to send around

and get my runner and tree all ready

isnt this a cute cute ornament?
easy.......and fun

this was last years pumpkin
gotta get a pattern for this year

and maybe cut up my felt into kits

all the while I am eating pickles and awaiting the day
my brother delivers this for Christmas

dont cha just love it?

I want to have the nieces over for an 
ornament making party
I got some supplies
and am almost ready to go


Julierose said...

You have a lot of crafty projects in the works--so cute...hugs, Julierose said...

I thought you had a pattern for the wine tote? OMG the felt ornaments are so stinkin cute!

barbara woods said...

want to make every thing to!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Such cute projects!! You've got lots going on!

Kat said...

Here is the tutorial for the wine bag. I pinned it years ago but haven’t made one yet.