Monday, October 9, 2017

the wedding

OMG I cried the whole time
how does my little girl Kayla
become a beautiful bride?
she had a table set up for those
who were with us from Heaven
and my Moms picture was there
and she also carried a picture of my 
Mom in her bouquet

extra special because Kayla never knew my Mom
she was born after my Mom passed
but as  a child always told us
Grammy said she loved her so I think
she has a connection to her

Don't you just love Landon's face? ha ha 
he was so bored but carried a sign
that said
"Daddy here comes our girl"

this is the flower girl and her brother who 
was carrying a sign too
they did awesome
Quincy the flower girl is 2 
and acted like a trouper coming
down the steps by herself and 
being a fabulous flower girl!

this is the area where they said their vows
the grounds are so so beautiful
I wanted to take the gardens home
(along with their gardener of course )LOL

a waterfall area too   gorgeous


the happy married couple!
don't cha love the yellow sneakers?
so so fun!

the other sign carried by
and the cake was so delicious
it was pumpkin with a maple
mousse layer 

The bride groom and son dancing
to a country song
Boy- made everyone cry
she had lots of country songs
for their first song and songs
with Dad and bride etc

the parents of the bride my brother and
sis in law
my brother did good   we just
couldnt look at each other
because we would cry
Kayla is our sweet baby and
all grown up
love love love her
and Ryan too

 had a great time 

5 comments: said...

Awe sounds awesome. Love the yellow shoes (my daughter's wedding they had crimson chucks) What a very special day.

Julierose said...

Beautiful pictures of what sounds like a wonderful wedding party...what a memorable event in your is bittersweet for sure...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

so sweet , hope she and he are happy forever

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Beautiful wedding! Sad but happy at the same time.<3

Jeanna said...

Such a great story! Everyone looked so nice and I just love the signs.