Tuesday, October 17, 2017

weekend of apples

my brother got me this bag of apples
I have already made three batches of
caramel apple jam out of them
and this is what is still left
I need to make some applesauce and apple butter
if the hubs would keep my to do list down

this is one batch of the jam
I had to taste test it
you know to make sure it is good and all

the rest of the weekend I was running around
no not like THAT silly
errands to get prescriptions and fight with the 
pharmacy as they mess it up all the time
and then went to Rite Aid drugstore and found these
from Russel Stover
remember last year? yep...........
LOVE them for my projects
and the chocolate sustain me while I sew LOL
actually I am bringing them into work.
the guys will like them

found some vitamins I think will help the hubs out with
his foot pain
the doctors are not helping him so I am trying to 
do some things on my own regarding nerve pain
he was in tears last night which is no way to live

what was your weekend like?

1 comment:

Julierose said...

So sorry to hear of hubster's problem ;(((
hope he's feeling better today....
I love those tins too...am on the lookout for them from now through Christmas.
The chocs are a bonus...;))) hugs, Julierose