Thursday, November 30, 2017


having computer problems.
if you dont  see a change in the blog that is why.
if you dont hear from me that is why.

gotta call in the pros.....
maybe it is someones way of saying get sewing girl!
hope to see you soon

its beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go..........

got my first Christmas card
from my niece Alicia
OMG so cute. her doxie Brody
went to visit Santa and was 
sooooooo excited
what a perfect card!

and I have been doing up the baskets
or the basket brigade
got neighbor, boss, bear brother, maintenance man
and now need to get deer brother done
and figure out guys at work

like my bow?  this one is a cool basket too

for maintenance man

and oh my
what is this
from Jenny?
she must love me 

you shouldnt have

I will wrap it so you wont get in trouble
 hee hee

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

shopping to round things out

went shopping with the niece
she is so funny
and glad that this year
she is done with her list 
and happy about what she made or got

she got me this red truck for my tree
such a sweetie
and I got her a new coat for work
she even gave me my first Christmas card
it is of her dog with Santa
and he is on his lap and licking his face
so so adorable

this is the bear basket
sorry about the crazy pic
it is too huge to take a good picture
I had to switch baskets twice I had so much stuff
Alicia goes
"Dad is gonna LOVE this"

he sent her over with my wreath
and gave her some bear lasagna
she was a happy girl
I was a happy girl
and hoping when he gets this for Christmas it 
will make him happy too

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

not a whole lotta shakin goin on........

I got up early Sunday to get some more wrapping
done in the quiet of the morning

this is what I woke to
mind you they have quilts on the bed
fluffy blankets at the foot of the bed on the deacons bench
quilts on the couch
but he decided to open my credenza
and take out my linens to make a bed
why I dont know
waiting for Santa near the tree?

I dont want to say it or jinx myself
but so far neither one
has bothered the tree
fingers crossed..........

anywho this is what I finally got done
some things to mail out
and I am a happy girl
this is only part of the ones that have to be mailed
net weekend will be more but progress 
none the less

how are your holidays tasks going?
I get in a little knitting or sewing when I can

Monday, November 27, 2017

where does the time go?

this was a picture of two of my grandsons
when they visited us and did the 
Pirate ship in Plymouth MA

Jacob is on the right and his brother Caleb
on the left

fast forward to now
Jacob is 17 this year Dec  7th
and has a steady girlfriend

I took this prom picture and had it made
on a tile on top of a nice wooden
keepsake box
one for him and one for her

I hope they like it
he will also get a gift card or money
I just like them to have something to open

how is your list coming along?

Sunday, November 26, 2017

change of plans

we were supposed to make our gingerbread houses but Landon wanted to put up his tree instead.
he saw mine online and wanted his to be with all homemade ornaments.

bless his heart. love love love that kid.
He and his Grandmother who he calls Mimi  put it up and he had all his ornaments on it.
isnt that what Christmas is about? the kids and the magic.

so no houses to show.......

but here is Landons tree
the snowman at the top
and the light up snowmen on the right

he is such a cutie.
last year he had the ninja turtles
as you can see some of them on here too

love Christmas through the eyes
of a child.,

Saturday, November 25, 2017

do things sometimes go wrong?

this was a pic my sister sent me many years ago
you know how the nieces and I always did gingerbread houses

well I had to work the day after that year so couldnt
make them

so she (sis) decided to try it with Emily
and sent me this picture at work
I cracked up

loved the picture so much I made it into my cards that year

when things dont go as planned......

it reminds me of the song the 12 pains of Christmas!

my version below.......

cleaning up the cat puke
no battery for the camera
not enough Christmas cards
where is that stupid roll of tape?
aw come on where is the address book?
cleaning a spitting Keurig
cookie sprinkles on the floor
changing quilting plans more than once
out of stock on gifts
stamps? wheres the stamps to mail cards?
do these stupid scissors even cut?
what do you mean you moved? your package is already mailed

UGH.......hope YOUR Christmas isnt painful  LOL

Friday, November 24, 2017

gotta get ready the crunch is on...........

gathering up things to get my baskets made

checking the list to see who is naughty or nice.....

enjoying the scents of the holidays

and getting out the old tried and true recipes from Mom
this one is pineapple zuchinni bread
and is moist and delicious

not fat free......not low calorie
but awesome

feel free to use it....
it is a versatile recipe
my Mom used to make it with pineapple
to help the 5 picky children eat some zuchinni LOL
and it worked! we LOVED it 

she would make like loaves
like muffins
in a bundt cake pan and add marachino cherries
around the holidays

never did I like a veggie so much!

today Alicia and I will decorate our gingerbread houses
I will show you pics hopefully when we are done
not sure yet if Landon and the kiddos will join us

last night I stayed up and put up my new tree

it fits just right in that corner and isnt too too wide
and I dont need a skirt LOL
it wont show with all this stuff anyway

see how cute? 
and this morning
I am hoping the cats stayed out of it

getting ready to see how far
the baskets have to still go
this bear one doesnt even fit everything
so may use another basket

deer basket too
still needs the table topper in here

got a truck ornament at WalMart
for the tree

and Jacky look at the deer
he looks so happy hiding in the pines

Landons ornament is at the front

and these were plastic snowflakes I got
figured the cats would play with them
so got plastic

what do you think?
Do you like it?

a little more wrapping today
then I will be able to figure out just
what I need to get done

time is a tickin..........

Thursday, November 23, 2017

what today is about Happy Thanksgiving

is it a cat?  nope

deer?  naw........

Christmas trees?  no again

nope not even bunnies..........

pumpkin may be in the picture
in the form of decorations

or if too big like this one
in the form of a nice pumpkin pie

yep TURKEY is the star of the show

today is for being thankful for all we have

and turkey!

I remember  a cute story
when one of my nieces was young
say about 5

I called her up to wish her a 
Happy Thanksgiving
and asked what she was having for dinner

she goes Auntie what are YOU having
so I told her turkey, pumpkin pie etc.

she gasped

it was so adorable
little did she know that 
millions were having the same basic meal all over the country

Today I am thankful for my blog readers and the
abundance in my life

enjoy your turkey dinner!
(I will meet you a little later for a nice
turkey sandwich and some pie.....the BEST part )

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

more progress made

this guy got finished
onto the next color LOL
love making these and using them too

they come in so handy

the first ornament for my tree was given to me
by Landon
I am hoping I find some of my other ones
that were made for me by my niece
but I think they are in the shed
with the snake..........ew
so I will wait until
we knock down that shed
to retrieve them

I made a few of these for my friend Jacky
and her granddaughter
how cute are they?

I still have tons of glitter so I think
some ornaments of glitter are in order
dont you?

I bought these too.
I want to make some of those
adorable magnets

Jacky had made me some last year
and they are my FAVORITES
on the fridge
how cute would it be to use an 
old quilting magazine and use that for 
oh no...........I cant do another project
I cant! LOL

can you picture cute little 4 patch or churn dash

this is on my mantle and reminds me every
day that I have the greatest friends.........

every year my boss makes crochet ornaments
to put in her Christmas cards
she does about 50 of them and 
this year she gave me her
a green tree, a white tree, a small stocking
and a star
the trees were too big
the stocking was too fiddley
and she thinks she made the star before

so I am going to stiffen these beauties
up and add them to my tree
how adorable is this tree?
its not a misfit at all

and a very very special friend gifted me with a bag
here.....look closer

she even wrote me this note
it is so so adorable
look at the lining she picked for the bag

I KNOW  how flippin cute is that?

and inside
three ornaments for my tree

an owl so so cute in his buffalo plaid check

look at the side view
I love him.........

and a deer that would rival
one that Santa picked to help
drive the sleigh
on Christmas Eve

look at how adorable these are!

and a church
that Jacky made for me
I LOVE IT and 
I LOVE my friend..........

and this cat from a friend long ago reminds me
as an Aries that I need to perfect my 
patience skills

patience to get things done without
getting frustrated 

Today I am thankful for ornaments for
my new tree