Thursday, November 9, 2017


I need to make a small pillow with this saying on it
for one of my brothers

he is making me this for Christmas
a squirrel feeder that I wanted
I have the glass jar when I finish up the pickles
pickle anyone? lOL

he is the brother on the left in this picture
the quiet one

my nieces Dad

and he threw me for a loop last year
while I made this bear quilt for my Dad
saying my Dad hates bears
so I had to get a deer panel and make it reversible LOL

this was the back of HIS deer quilt last year

yeah THESE quilts

went to the two brothers in the pic above
my baby brothers is in the works
I know Colette
you COULD come and HELP me with it you know LOL
hopefully that one will be DONE this year

but anyway 
for THIS brother I am making a "bear necessities" basket
what is that you say?
well, the bear lover and hunter that he is I decided to
make a basket with bears
I was lucky enough to find a 
spatula and silicone baking mat of camo
I KNOW  how cool is that? for a brother who
hunts and cooks?
he EVEN can make pies ladies and IS SINGLE
just sayin.........
I found a bear shaped sign that says
please dont feed the bears even if they tell you to
and am thinking maybe honey
Teddy bear grahams
claw thingies to shred meat
and maybe some bear claw pastries
what do you think?
any other good "bear ideas"

I wrote a poem too

This basket has bear necessities
the kind you want and need
you know that black animal
that you insist you must feed?

A little honey to sweeten things
and a camo spatula and pad
are ingredients for some goodies
that you will make so rad

Other handy dandy gifts
are included in here too
from Big Sis to my brother
Merry Christmas to you!

I am thankful for the ability to make poems
on a dime and for friends who give 
me good ideas..........

2 comments: said...

I think he needs a "bear" butt too. :D Love the ideas.

Julierose said...

Great ideas you come up with...those deer pieces are so pretty....hugs, Julierose