Sunday, November 26, 2017

change of plans

we were supposed to make our gingerbread houses but Landon wanted to put up his tree instead.
he saw mine online and wanted his to be with all homemade ornaments.

bless his heart. love love love that kid.
He and his Grandmother who he calls Mimi  put it up and he had all his ornaments on it.
isnt that what Christmas is about? the kids and the magic.

so no houses to show.......

but here is Landons tree
the snowman at the top
and the light up snowmen on the right

he is such a cutie.
last year he had the ninja turtles
as you can see some of them on here too

love Christmas through the eyes
of a child.,

4 comments: said...

Awesome. You know if you keep it up....I may just have to put up a tree.

Julierose said...

He sounds like a real sweetheart your Landon...I can totally see why he wanted to put up the tree after seeing yours...Christmas is about the children, isn't it...;))) hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

to lazy to put mine up yet!

Jeanna said...

Cute tree. We have ours in the stand but not decorated yet. That is on the list for this week.