Sunday, November 5, 2017

craft fairs

went to another craft fair this weekend
and who do you think I saw there?

Miss Jacky thats who!  LOL
and one of my nieces in the parking lot
and another one selling lunch and desserts
so I ordered a dish of grapenut pudding
it was homemade and oooooo soooo good

I didnt buy much- a  couple of knitted dishcloths
and I gave the lady an extra dollar
her prices were too cheap!

but Jackys hubby won a Christmas tree
made all of ornaments
it is about 3 feet tall and so nice
he likes those roll ups and won it on those

remember this deer for brother?

well a yellow dishcloth and a green or brown one
will be paired up for him
saw a cute poem too
something about this year we hit it big
and went all out for gifts
and giving him a washer and dryer
(dishcloth and towel)
he will get a kick out of it
have you gotten any further on your list?

I am thankful for craft fairs and family and friends

3 comments: said...

Nope my list is languishing. How fun to run into so many people though.

Julierose said...

Sounds like a wonderful day for you...I miss my Mom who loved craft fairs and going to ALL the booths and tables and talking with everyone...hubby is not so charged up about going so I haven't really gone this year...they do put you in the spirit, don't they?
I'm with Colette, list is definitely I the Grinch this year??? hugs, Julierose (sigh)

barbara woods said...

mine to , to much running around and all i did yesterday was some cutting