Saturday, November 25, 2017

do things sometimes go wrong?

this was a pic my sister sent me many years ago
you know how the nieces and I always did gingerbread houses

well I had to work the day after that year so couldnt
make them

so she (sis) decided to try it with Emily
and sent me this picture at work
I cracked up

loved the picture so much I made it into my cards that year

when things dont go as planned......

it reminds me of the song the 12 pains of Christmas!

my version below.......

cleaning up the cat puke
no battery for the camera
not enough Christmas cards
where is that stupid roll of tape?
aw come on where is the address book?
cleaning a spitting Keurig
cookie sprinkles on the floor
changing quilting plans more than once
out of stock on gifts
stamps? wheres the stamps to mail cards?
do these stupid scissors even cut?
what do you mean you moved? your package is already mailed

UGH.......hope YOUR Christmas isnt painful  LOL


barbara woods said...

sounds like mine! said...

ROFL I am waiting to find out how the house making went.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

This all sounds familiar!!