Tuesday, November 7, 2017

farmgirl progress for some.../.

Remember farmgirl?
some of us were good and FINISHED a QUILT 
others did part of it and opted out
some are STILL making blocks............

remember this cherry block?
so cute
yep this is what Jacky had to say to me in an email

"I finished my house and cherry blocks for Farm Girl, 
only because physical therapy for my hands."

so she finished her cherry blocks and the house
I need to do my house and the sheep and
well..........you get the picture

but I am pleased so far with the progress
so I am not complaining

except when I get to THIS quilt

ever have a quilt you LOVED?

of course you have
BUT it is NOT co operating?
THAT kind of quilt
this little thing is a BABY quilt
and is like a cactus needle
you cant see it but IT HURTS

I made the stars and couldnt decide on a border
then made the border and looked for backing
and looked for backing
and looked for backing
FINALLY decided to PIECE a backing and thought
it was big enough
layered it with batting
batt too short
layered another batt
too narrow
third time was a charm...........
or WAS it?
nope, backing STILL not big enough
added ANOTHER piece
and FINALLY pinned it to quilt
quilted it up
from front looks wonderful
from the back not so much
no folds or anything just not as pretty
I am thinking my 221 doesnt like this quilt
or is jealous of it. LOL
I trimmed it anyway and sewed on the binding
need to handsew it down and throw it in the wash
and will see if I like it better then

if not, oh well. chalk it up to a doll quilt for a little girl..........
I am NOT stressing over it for sure
the little boy I was making it for got a ton
of clothing from me so I am not too worried.

ever have a (*&(&*^ quilt like that????
almost makes you want to give up quilting


I am thankful that I had the foresight to buy this kid
clothes and not rely on just the baby quilt for a gift.


Julierose said...

Oh yes, I have a few hiding in my closet--it's so hard to finish them up when you feel that way, too. I think those stars are so pretty.. hugs, Julierose
P.S. do you always wash your quilts before gifting them? I never have...*~*

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

I need to get back to my farmgirl quilt blocks. But first I need to fight the Vintage Rose into submission. LOL

Lady Jane said...

Yes, have a few of those. I like those stars also. hugs, lj

barbara woods said...

have a couple of those my self