Friday, November 3, 2017

I need a little help

hey Dunks
I need a little help.........
oh you are napping.........

yeah I see that one eye.........LOL
I guess you dont want to help either

maybe this cool dude will help me

I need to prep some kits for ornament making

I can gather some twigs to be cut
to 1,     1 1/2    2,    2 1/2  , etc 
as I have a lowmelt glue gun that should
be safe for littler hands
or maybe I should make the trees and let them 
decorate with beads and gliitter

and you KNOW you have to paint
when crafting.......
it is a GIVEN

these would be cute for brother LOL
anyone have any empty shells?

and some dough ornaments
like these
to paint and string up

yeah there are NOT enough hours in a day
for me..........

SLEEP is WAY overrated hee hee

Today I am thankful
for creative ideas that make
my soul happy

3 comments: said...

Good one. I am thankful for the old metal roof on my house. Love listening to the rain falling as I go to sleep.

barbara woods said...

love the popcycle stick one, may have to try that

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Such cute ornaments! This is the time to do it. Wish I could get motivated!